Behind the Splash Screen: Seetharaman Narayanan

The most distinctive name on the Photoshop splash screen surely belongs to Seetharaman Narayanan – Senior Principal Scientist. The heart and soul of the Photoshop team, Seetha embodies the can-do, anything-goes spirit it takes to…

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Sneak Peek #4

See more advanced features of Photoshop Content-Aware technology. Straight from Photoshop Senior Product Manager Bryan O’Neil Hughes, this video … Download Premium Presets :

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Upside-down and Inside-out -Inverse Selection Tool

By Luke S. Download Premium Presets :

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The Healing Tool

By Luke S. Download Premium Presets :

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Sneak Peek #3

Product Manager, Zorana Gee, gives a hint at what’s to come – creating dashed and dotted lines with just one click in Photoshop. A top requested feature brought … Download Premium Presets :

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Photoshop Hidden Gem: Enhancements for Designers

Design more quickly and fluidly using Photoshop CS5. Save time with the ability to adjust the opacity or the fill of many image layers at once, and use sticky layer … Download Premium Presets :…

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Sneak Peek #2

Get an early look at a popular Facebook fan request – background save and the most powerful liquify tool ever, from Photoshop Product Manager, Zorana Gee. Download Premium Presets :

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Sneak Peek #1

In this video taken straight from the laptop of our Senior Product Manager, Bryan O’Neil Hughes, get an early look at some of the things the Photoshop team is … Download Premium Presets :

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Behind the Splash Screen: Meet Bryan O'Neil Hughes

Time for another in our series that captures the real stories, unique personality and uber talent of the Photoshop team… Meet Bryan O’Neil Hughes – Senior Product Manager – whose ability to connect with users…

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Photoshop Hidden Gem: Painting Effects with Adobe Camera Raw

Easily make a photo look like a painting by exaggerating your image processing in Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw 6. Adjust noise reduction sliders to instantly apply beautiful painterly effects to your raw images, JPEGs, or…

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Using Your Photography to Make a Difference

January 1st is a special day to me and I know exactly where I’m going to be when I am in Edmonton. Bissell Centre’s annual New Years Day dinner! I’ve been a volunteer in one…

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Lightroom 4 Beta: Advanced Book Features

This episode covers more features of the Book Module in the Lightroom 4 Beta including different ways to work with captions and templates. Watch on Adobe TV: Try or buy Lightroom 4: Follow…

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