1250+ Collage Elements Creator Kit – 6376017

The Collage Elements PNG Collection by Indieground This amazing product made by the Indieground Team is the definitive collection of 1260 elements for a master collage creator. It gives you a quick & easy graphic resource that you can use to make rad collage artworks. The collection is composed by real hand-cut images, in a mix of both rough and accurate cut-through for an authentic effect. The images were researched & found through vintage magazines, postcards, books and digital printed material, scanned at 1600 dpi and then individually isolated and exported as 300 dpi PNGs with a transparent background. The result is an incredible collection of authentic-looking cutouts easy to use and perfect for your creative projects such as posters, art prints, vintage artworks, apparel design, instagram and other social media post or stories and much more, with a cool retro mood & aesthetics.

1250+ Collage Elements Creator Kit - 63760171250+ Collage Elements Creator Kit - 63760171250+ Collage Elements Creator Kit - 63760171250+ Collage Elements Creator Kit - 63760171250+ Collage Elements Creator Kit - 6376017

The pack also features 6 high-quality paper textures that you can use as a background for your artworks assemblage or overlay effects to give a retro / vintage look to your design presentations & aesthetic artworks. Finally we also included 8 pre-made PSD artworks to complete this ultimate collage kit.

Create radical collages in seconds with this drag & drop collage pack, compatible with all image editor softwares.

What do you get?

  • 120 Cut-out Images of Body Parts in PNG
  • 101 Cut-out Images of Buildings & Monuments in PNG
  • 82 Cut-out Images of Landscapes in PNG
  • 76 Cut-out Images of Objects in PNG
  • 92 Cut-out Images of Animals in PNG
  • 51 Cut-out Images of Plants & Flowers in PNG
  • 99 Cut-out Images of Vehicles in PNG
  • 73 Cut-out Images of Technology Objects in PNG
  • 51 Cut-out Images of Sky & Space in PNG
  • 42 Cut-out Images of Sport in PNG
  • 180 Cut-out Images of Mixed Media in PNG
  • 90 Cut-out Images of Vintage & Modern People in PNG
  • 197 Cut-out Images of Food & Drinks in PNG
  • All PNGs files 300dpi resolution
  • Average size of 1920px and 3000px
  • 6 JPG textures 300dpi / 4000×6000 px
  • 8 Pre-made PSD Artworks 300dpi / 3000×3000 px
  • Total of 11 GB File Size


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