14 Mobile Lightroom Presets Pet Lovers 4110044

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14 Pet Lovers Lightroom Presets

14 Pet Lovers Lightroom Presets, ACR presets
We are always trying to produce different, high quality, and specialized products for you.
This collection has designed 14 presets for your pets. Our experts have been able to produce this pet presets for you over a long period of time by researching pet photos,
which will help you make your pet’s photos look more special. In this series, we divide the specialized Presets into three categories in terms of structure.
The first type, which works on the main colors and light, the second type, which changes the colors, and the third type, which, in addition to these two items, works on the contrast of color and light. Finally,
we suggest that you always Look for the best because you deserve the best. This collection created by 3Motional Studio.

14 Mobile Lightroom Presets Pet Lovers 411004414 Mobile Lightroom Presets Pet Lovers 4110044

14 Mobile Lightroom Presets Pet Lovers 4110044
14 Mobile Lightroom Presets Pet Lovers 4110044

14 Desktop Lightroom Presets (.lrtemplate files)
14 ACR Presets (.xmp files)
2 Comprehensive Help Guide
Animal, Pet, Outdoor, Indoor, Instagram, Bloggers, Travel Photography.
-Lightroom 4, 5, 6, 7, CC (Creative Cloud) and Lightroom Classic
-Photoshop CS6 and above (with Adobe Camera Raw 6.6 and later)
-Compatible with both Mac and PC
-Works on RAW and JPEG images

This Package is for the Desktop Lightroom only – It is not compatible with Mobile Lightroom App.


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