50 Black & White Grunge Textures NR4DENM

**50 high-resolution grunge styled black and white textures.**

Enhance your designs with our curated selection of 50 ready-to-use grunge textures, infused with rough and aged aesthetics. This collection comes with a Photoshop file packed with 50 layers, offering you the freedom to blend and create new, captivating backgrounds. It’s the ideal shortcut for infusing your projects with depth and personality, eliminating the hassle of beginning from zero. Our grunge textures, featuring worn, rough, heavy, rugged elements which are perfect for amplifying background images, illustrations, text, graphics, and logos with a touch of edginess. They’re incredibly flexible, making them a great fit for enhancing digital projects, videos, websites and various print materials, apps, posters, flyers, POS and much more…

• High resolution 3600×3600 pixels
• Greyscale

**Files included**
• 50 x JPG images
• 1 x Photoshop (PSD) containing all images

**Photoshop (PSD)**
• Layered Photoshop is included which contains 50+ textures
• Textures can easily be combined to create new images
• Variations are almost limitlessgraphicsFileTypes: JPG,PSD
graphicsApplicationsSupported: Adobe Photoshop,Adobe InDesign,Adobe Illustrator,Figma,Sketch,Affinity Designer
dpi: 72
dimensions: 3600,px,3600
Additions: isLayered,


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The file is compressed using Zip or Rar format...please use Winrar to extract this file
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