Archypelago Q.u.e.s.t – Q.u.e.s.t 18 – A.r.b.o.r

Inspired by the rich natural history of England’s ancient woodlands, Arbor explores a range of tones, from soft, dappled light filtering through the canopy, to the deep greens of fern leaves and contrasting patches of bluebells. The Arbor creative profile adds richness and depth to the image along with a warm nectar overtone. Subject Pop uses AI-driven subject recognition to selectively darken the background, emphasizing the focal point of your image. Further dial in your edit using the Tone Mask presets designed to layer over the main presets. Quest 18 Arbor includes 3 color presets, 3 tone mask presets, 1 subject pop tool, and 1 creative profile.

Archypelago Q.u.e.s.t - Q.u.e.s.t 18 - A.r.b.o.r

Archypelago Q.u.e.s.t - Q.u.e.s.t 18 - A.r.b.o.rArchypelago Q.u.e.s.t - Q.u.e.s.t 18 - A.r.b.o.r


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