Automotive Lightroom Presets 2876985

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Automotive Lightroom Presets includes 10 unique presets that are ideal for processing photos of cars, trucks, motorcycles, racing, and other vehicle scenes.

Automotive Lightroom Presets 2876985

Automotive Lightroom Presets 2876985

Automotive Lightroom Presets 2876985

Automotive Lightroom Presets 2876985

Presets Included:

  • Bright Headlight creates a spotlight effect that focuses on the middle subject.
  • Chrome Contrast is great for bringing out lots of details.
  • Cold Convertible adds a cool color tone.
  • Color Rev really makes colors pop with vibrancy.
  • Hot Rod Heat adds a warm color tone.
  • Smooth Paint makes any vehicle look glossy and polished.
  • Stealth Sleeper creates a moody, dramatic style.
  • Summer Cruise adds a fun color combo, perfect for any road trip.
  • Tire Smoke creates an ethereal, white glowing effect.
  • Vintage Magazine adds an old-fashioned, gritty appearance.

Files Included:

  • 10 Lightroom presets as .xmp files.
  • A “read me” file that contains instructions on how to install the presets.

Compatible With:

  • These presets are in .xmp format and are only compatible with Lightroom CC 7.3 or newer. Adobe no longer supports the older .lrtemplate file format, which is not included in this download.
  • You can also use these presets in Photoshop CC with Adobe Camera Raw.
  • They will work with both RAW and JPEG photos.


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