Benj | Light

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So why Light?
For those who are already familiar with my color grading style and past products, they are well-aware that the colors can be a bit on the heavier side. Not that they are way too saturated, but to achieve those intense grading styles, color alterations had too be made.

Benj | LightBenj | Light

Benj | Light
Benj | LightBenj | LightBenj | Light

This is Light 

benj™|Light light consists of 8 (with 3 as bonuses) presets which is graded lightly, but still giving that cinematic look that i love. Each preset has a unique look, but still stay consistent on the tones.

Try them out and you\’ll see what I mean 🙂


READ Me PDF file (I suggest you really read it.)

1. 01_Light
2. 02_Light
3. 03_Light
4. 04_Light

5. 05_Light

6. 06_Light

7. 07_Light

8. 08_Light


ADDED presets

09, 10, 11


Fast Download With Cloud Drive Link
Password Unzip :
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