Chris Orwig – LR Brush Presets Bundle

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Transform a flat image into a masterpiece with these easy to use brushes.

Imagine you could…

  • Quickly create professional-looking photos regardless of the conditions.
  • Transform a boring image into a masterpiece.
  • Speed up your retouching so you can enjoy the process.

“My hope is that with this bundle of Lightroom brush presets, photographers will feel more inspired, creative and more able when retouching their photos.”

Start creating amazing photography

Chris Orwig - LR Brush Presets Bundle
Chris Orwig - LR Brush Presets Bundle


Chris Orwig - LR Brush Presets Bundle
Chris Orwig - LR Brush Presets Bundle

Get my Lightroom Brush Presets

Compatible with ALL versions of Adobe Lightroom Classic CC. (Lightroom Brushes are not supported on Lightroom CC yet.)

With these brushes, you’ll be able to create impactful and beautiful photography, easily. Take a dull looking image and make it dramatic. Transform a boring portrait into a professional-looking masterpiece.

Whatever problem you are trying to fix in Lightroom, these brushes will be your go-to tools.

Whether you are a beginner with Lightroom or an expert, having these brushes at your fingertips will improve your ability to enhance any image.


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