Cinema Presets Sampler for Lightroom

In celebration of our inclusion on the Inc. 500 list of America\’s fastest growing companies – and with thanks to the members and customers that helped us to get there – we\’re pleased to offer this Cinema Presets sampler, which includes one black-and-white (Casablanca), one color (Gentlemen Prefer Blondes), and one tonality (Hiller) preset.

Cinema Presets Sampler for Lightroom

Cinema Presets Sampler for LightroomCinema Presets Sampler for LightroomCinema Presets Sampler for Lightroom

The full Cinema Collection (available for Lightroom 4/5, LR Creative Cloud) includes one sharpening preset, five black-and-white presets, thirteen color presets, and nine shadow-and-light modifiers. The palette and tonality of each preset honor some aspect of the films for which they are named, from Breakfast at Tiffany\’s to Casablanca, and the accompanying “Director\’s Cut” presets serve as modifiers to allow you to customize your cinematic creation.

Because these are creative (not corrective) tools, these presets work best on images that have already been adjusted to achieve proper global exposure and white balance. For best results, complete your basic edits in the Basics panel within Lightroom, then run your preferred preset or cycle through them until you find the one that best captures your vision. The Director’s Cut shadow-and-light modifiers help you refine your processing by applying stylized tonality to the chromatic array of the Cinema presets. Tweak if needed, and you’re done! 

The Cinema presets sampler is optimized for Lightroom 4 / Lightroom 5 are compatible with Lightroom CC; they are not compatible with earlier versions of Lightroom, Photoshop, or Photoshop Elements.


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