CVatik – Residuum Lightroom Preset Pack

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Residuum –  That which remains or is left behind.

Stories of fading lives resting in empty homes, amidst peeling wallpaper, dusty bathtubs, and cracked windows. Old cameras, untouched for years, peeking through hazy lenses. Dresses and blouses, once treasured and paraded, crumpled in boxes and left to the moths.

In all of my work, I attempt to give life to that which is left behind. Abandoned rooms in forgotten houses, bearing remnants of lives once lived, begin to tell new stories. Out-of-date cameras and fungus-ridden lenses find second-life in new hands. And let’s face it, there’s nothing quite like a vintage wedding gown. The timeless beauty of residual moments is both revered and refreshed at the hands of the artist.

I am endlessly inspired by the residue of life that lies, like dust, on everything around me. In this preset pack, I have harnessed all that reminds me of the left-behind beauty I seek to capture, playing with color inspiration drawn from old houses, vintage cameras, expired film, and passing fashions.



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