Daniel Schiffer – Vintage Look 2 LUTs

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Included in this pack are 15 color grade presets, carefully designed to embody a vintage aesthetic. The feedback for the first “Vintage Look” LUT Pack was so overwhelmingly positive, which is why I’ve decided to kick off 2019 with some more great, affordable, color grades that will make your videos look awesome AND save you time!
Daniel Schiffer - Vintage Look 2 LUTs

The LUTs are .cube files that will work in editing sotfwares like Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro X, and Davinci Resolve.

While these LUTs are designed to work with any footage, you will get the best results if your clips are shot slightly flat for better dynamic range (eg. Cine4 or SLOG on Sony cameras).

When applying a LUT to your footage, turn the opacity/intensity of the LUT all the way down to 0% and then slowly start increasing it. You can stop increasing the opacity/intensity when you feel the like you’ve gotten the desired result that you’re looking for.

If during this process, you feel like part of your image is starting to look too dark or bright, you can make a simple exposure adjustment on your footage to fix this. The same concept applies to white balance as well. If your image is looking too warm or cool, a simple white balance correction in your highlights will instantly fix this.

There is also a LUT included in this pack called “Adjust-fade”. Feel free to use this LUT on it\’s own, or on top of another lut to create a faded look. When using this LUT you will definitely want to lower the opacity/intensity to avoide completely washing out your footage.



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  1. I think this is actually his first set, which only contains 13 LUTS. You should change the title of the post

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