David Dubnitskiy – 20 B&W PRESETS

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What all This Hype Around Colors?

David Dubnitskiy - 20 B&W PRESETS

David Dubnitskiy - 20 B&W PRESETS


If you want your viewers, clients, or fans to feel comfortable with your artwork, it’s best to get your colors right from the get-go.

Because the right color carries its own message, it communicates the mood, the timeframe, and, most importantly, emotions. In other words, color is what ties everything together in your photos.

Color is both the science and the art behind beautiful photos

Why Color Stories Presets Stay in the Minds of Your Audience?

The right colors in your photos will evoke emotions in your viewers, and the right feelings will make them remember and admire your work.

Hi, everyone! My name is David Dubnitskiy. I designed this collection of presets with one key idea to help you choose the right color combinations that tell inspiring visual photo stories.

I’m known for my visual storytelling and in-depth understanding of how colors make my audience feel. How each color’s properties inspire eye movement, drawing viewers in, from one element to the next.


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