Duke Moose Desktop Presets

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10 Variations of Presets, Originating from my Platinum and Carbon Fiber Preset Packs, best used when Shooting in the Snow. These are the exact Presets I used this Year for my Winter Themed Shoots. This pack is meant to be a new kind of way to download and use bought Presets. By providing all of the different variations of the same presets used in the different lighting situations & temperatures there should be a good match to get you on the right foot for editing photos in the snow. Not every preset will look good on each photo, in fact, probably only one or two will stand out as the one that you use on each of the different shoots you do, and thats okay! Why? Because you only use one edit per shoot!

The snow is my favorite thing to shoot in, but a lot of photographers struggle with the conditions. Make snow your favorite as well.

Shoot your photos in RAW.

Lightroom Presets.



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