From Raw to Ready: Color Grade and Export Using DaVinci Resolve

Add the final touch to your footage by color correcting and grading to your project’s unique aesthetic.

Marcel Patillo started his career as a filmmaker in the same way a lot of new filmmakers begin theirs. He bought a camera and scoured the internet for all of the information he could find. In the years since, Marcel has transformed his hobby into a full-time job and produced video content for brands like Lululemon and Crocs all while gaining almost 50K subscribers on his YouTube channel on modern filmmaking. Now an expert in post-production, Marcel is ready to share everything he knows about his favorite post-production software: DaVinci Resolve.

As an industry leader in color correction, DaVinci is one of the best places to start when looking to make your final footage stick out from the crowd. You’ll use color grading to add a nice finished polish to your film by correcting your clips with exposure and white balance and building a grade to give your footage a stylized look.

With Marcel as your teacher, you’ll:

  • Discover how to work with RAW and LOG and why
  • Achieve accurate white balance, highlights and contrast with color correction
  • Add a unique look and style to your footage with color grading
  • Export your final project based on its final destination

Plus, you can download Marcel’s video and audio assets so that you can follow along within his edit or use his tips and techniques to make edits to your own content.

Whether you’re just starting your journey in post-production or you’re looking to take your color correction and grading skills to the next level, a high-quality color correction will make your shots look better and help your footage align with the overall mood of your project.

Having a general understanding of DaVinci Resolve will be helpful while taking this class. You’ll need a computer and DaVinci Resolve to get started, but a mouse is recommended for a streamlined workflow. To continue learning more about post-production in DaVinci Resolve, explore Marcel’s full Video Editing Learning Path.


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