Henry Tieu – Preset Pack II For Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw

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Welcome to the brand new Pack 2 of HD Presets. For the first time ever, this preset pack was not made to SCREAM warm. This pack was made when I ran into different lighting situations and I wanted to challenge myself artistically.

So here we are, welcome to Pack 2 with 4 unique presets. Although they are all so different from each other, they all will provide a cohesive editing style and portfolio. All will provide moody tones without making the photos too dark. All color presets will provide a warm and natural looking skin.

Before you continue, there are 3 things you need to know

1) 25% of proceeds will go to charities (Humane Society, Human Right Campaign, Charity Water, St. Jude Children\’s Research Hospital, etc…)

2) DON\’T BE AN ASSHOLE: BUY PRESETS, DON\’T TRADE. If I find you you are trading presets, I\’ll curse that your Lightroom Catalogs will corrupt everytime you\’re about to finish editing a session

3) HD Presets are for you to streamline work, maintain consistency, and speed up editing process. They are not intended to make you a better photographer. A good photograph consists more than just the perfect presets: light, exposure, composition, settings, etc…






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