Important Notification 09/04/2019

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Important Notification 09/04/2019
Currently, a server containing my data has been broken, affecting 500-600 post links on the website causing an unreachable error, I will temporarily stop supporting comments as well as posting new content to actively fix error . The process may take 2-3 days, please understand.

Important Notification 08/29/2019
Currently some of my Drive links are broken, I can’t identify which article has broken download links, so if you can’t download by the Drive link, please comment the article link, I’ll fix it gradually.

Besides some missing button download, I will also update soon
We hope you understand some of the shortcomings.

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  1. I’m really grateful of this website?
    I have a preset request.Would be really happy if these preset pack would be available here.

  2. Hey Dennis. Please try to procure Manny Ortiz Walmart Drake V2 Preset pack. Please. Appreciate much. Thank you.

      1. Hi Dennis,were you able to procure the Manny Ortiz Walmart Drake V2 preset part..Thanks for the work you have been doing..

  3. Hi Denis! Im not here to report something, im just here to say Thank You! You’ve helped me in so many ways and i’m growing in photography because of you! Thanks for everything. With love form México

  4. Hi Dennis! First of all, I’m very thankful I came across your site. It helped me a lot in my editing. Keep up the great work! Secondly, would greatly appreciate if you could also get the presets from here

  5. Hi Denis,
    Thanks for you amazing work. m trying to find the link to Manny Ortiz Preset v2, called Walmart Drake. Is the link broken? Thanks!

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