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The Rainbow present is all about giving life and vibrant colors to your pictures. This present is perfect for vacation pictures and even just out in the town, making it an ideal preset to adjust well to different scenarios. The tones are vivid and bold while giving it a touch of warmth and life to any outdoor picture. 

Works best for:

·         Sunsets

·         Beach/ Palm trees

·         Green backgrounds

·         Travel

·         Lifestyle

·         City 

·         Adventure

Thank you for purchasing my Lightroom preset! I can’t wait to see how you transform your photos. Please use hashtag #Jenkvieirapresets and tag me (@jenkvieira) on your pictures when you use this preset, so I can be part of your creations! 


Keep in mind that this preset works differently on every photo. Lighting, location or camera may affect results. You might need to tweak the edit after applying the preset (changing the brightness orTemperature). 


JenKVieira presets are designed for Lightroom Classic CC on a computer and with a Lightroom subscription. Compatible for RAW and Jpeg image files (for best results-shoot in RAW).


Fast Download With Cloud Drive Link
Password Unzip :
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