Joshua Fuller Presets Vol.02 2545860

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These incredible landscape/portrait filters for Adobe Lightroom were created by Joshua Fuller.

“Garda was beautiful, its a place where you can just sit and relax and not care about what time it is. This pack recreates that calmness with a selection of landscape presets focusing on the colourful scenery and a few portrait presets which are perfect to showcase loved ones”

Joshua Fuller Presets Vol.02 2545860

Joshua Fuller Presets Vol.02 2545860

Joshua Fuller Presets Vol.02 2545860

Joshua Fuller Presets Vol.02 2545860

6 Nature Lightroom Presets

  • Vast/Tranquil
  • Landscape/Travel

3 Portrait Presets

  • Calm/Colourful
  • Soft/Detail

(P) Soft Sunset | Bringing some life back into the picture, soft focus and extra saturation

(P) Sunshine | Perfect for flat images with lots of light detail, punchy with a yellow hue

(P) Ti amo | Sharper image with boosted colour, great for darker subjects

Captain | Cool tones for the water, increased highlights to show every detail

Dark Blue | Giving images a rich blue tone

Flare | Perfect for boosting all the colour especially with large amount of light

Garda Yellow | The perfect landscape scene, boosting the yellow tones and contrast

Haze | A game changer for basic shots, really enhances the colour palette

Teal Waters | Adding a moody touch to the shot with boosted blues and greater clarity


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