Kindred – Custom Profile Collection

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The Kindred Profile Collection – the ENTIRE collection of film emulation presets that will elevate your digital photography work and make your editing life easier but custom made and transformed into base profiles.

Kindred – Custom Profile Collection

Known by thousands of photographers world wide, Kindred Presets takes the guess work out of editing. The beating heart behind our company is our community and every decision we make is with them in mind. How can we serve the people who make THIS possible in the best way? What can we do to make their lives easier and add value to their businesses?

Enter presets who take you past the starting line. Every Kindred Preset involves adjustments in every panel of the Develop module of Lightroom, with very specific purposes. We make big presets, for big results. Skin tones, of every color, are our number one priority. Our secret balance of adjustments for luminescent skin are built in to every preset we offer!
Because of this, our photographers find it much easier to edit with cohesion and build brands that are reliable and trustworthy.

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Oh! Did we mention our presets come with a family?!

 The Kindred community is unlike any other photography group in the world. “I found my best friend in the Kindred group” is not an uncommon phrase in our world, and we are proud to facilitate a safe space to learn, encourage and grow in an industry that is known in many ways, to be the opposite of “a safe space.” When we say “the Kindred group is the brightest spot on the internet,” we aren\’t being crazy, we are just being honest!


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