Lightroom Essentials Collection 1388096

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Not all Lightroom Presets are built the same – and you\’ll be in awe of our Uplift Lightroom Essentials Collection! 40 classy presets you can layer and build on to create stunning images with one click. From creamy matte finishes to rich vignettes and dynamic blue skies – there\’s a preset for every effect you could want.

Lightroom Essentials Collection 1388096

Lightroom Essentials Collection 1388096Lightroom Essentials Collection 1388096Lightroom Essentials Collection 1388096Lightroom Essentials Collection 1388096

Bring sweet vintage film tones to any image, while maintaining control over color and saturation! Start with Clean Color, then apply one of 18 different Matte film finishes. Adjust your exposure after applying the preset to achieve your perfect edit. Included are our 7 most favorite Black & White Lightroom Presets – from crisp and clean to a moody and brooding BW Matte Vignette reminiscent of the early 1900\’s!

Our bestselling SIGNATURE Collection of Lightroom Presets.

What\’s Included:

• Beautiful Matte • Blue – • Blue • Brighter Matte • Brown Matte • Brown Tint • BW Uplift • BW Matte Brighter • BW Matte Film • BW Matte Vignette • BW Midtones • BW Warm Film • BW Warmer • Clean & Poppy • Clean Color • Clean Matte • Clean Muted • Clean Pastel • Cool Matte • Creamy Matte • Dreamy Matte • Family Photos • Heavenly Skies • Highlight Recover • Matte Film • Matte Film Saturated • Pastel Tint • Pink Matte • Pink Tint • Pretty Matte • Re-Saturate • Shadow Recover • Sharp & Contrasty • Sunny Matte • Valerie\’s Matte • Warm & Contrasty • Warm Matte • Warm Skies • Warm Tint • Warmer Matte


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