Lightroom Preset // AR13 Mobile 3580427

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Hey hey guys!

Here’s a nice preset to easily edit your photos on your phone!

  •  Download the .DNG file;
  •  Create a new Album in the Lightrrom CC mobile app;
  •  Add the Preset you downloaded as if you were adding a new image inside that album;
  •  Open this new image and in the options, copy the settings;
  •  Go to the photo you want to edit, and in the options, Paste the settings;
  •  Adjust what you need in the basic settings, such as exposure, shadows, highlights, etc.

The AR presets work in different ways on each type of photo, it depends on the light conditions, colors and how this photo was produced.

Compatible with Lightroom in iOS and Android versions.

Well Done!


Fast Download With Cloud Drive Link
Password Unzip :
If you found the link was error , please comment !!!

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