Lightroom Presets Urban 3212111

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Pack of 5 Lightroom presets made for your moody urban photos.


  1. Preset 1: Chrysler
  2. Preset 2: Fifth Avenue
  3. Preset 3: Manhattan
  4. Preset 4: NY Traffic
  5. Preset 5: NYPD
Lightroom Presets Urban 3212111

How to install:

Make sure you have the latest version of Lightroom. These are XMP files and are only compatible with Lightroom Classic CC, Adobe Lightroom CC or Adobe Camera Raw.

  1. If necessary unzip the downloaded file.
  2. Go into Lightroom
  3. Click on Edit at the top on a PC. Lightroom, then Preferences on a Mac.
  4. Click on the second tab of the new screen (Presets).
  5. Click on the box titled: Show Lightroom Develop Presets.
  6. Double click on Settings.
  7. Copy the downloaded folder, found in your downloads, into the “Settings” folder.
  8. Restart Lightroom. The presets should be in your presets bar.


Lightroom presets only work in Lightroom. (and on Lightroom Mobile, but they have to be installed on a desktop first) Based on your shooting style, lighting or colours in your photos they might not work. Usually you have to adjust to make them fit your own work. No refunds can be made due to the above!



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