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Bright & Airy Toned Wedding Kit for Professional Results in Adobe Lightroom

Is your wedding work lacking brightness, clarity, and softness? Out Bright & Airy Toned Wedding Kit is exactly what you need if you crave bright, soft, airy wedding photography. This handpicked collection of our best brightening & softening presets comes packed with a variety of tones for all situations of photography. This Kit will help you produce soft, clean, airy undertones, crushed highlights, and muted film inspired toning.


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I am a full time photographer, designer, artist, dog mom and wife. I created this Bright & Airy Wedding Kit in time for Wedding Season to help speed up your workflow and create consistency within your edits. These resources come with instructions and links to videos to help you utilize them to their fullest ability. We also offer 24 hour support, and access to a Facebook group for support, photo sharing and inspiration.

**This Bight & Airy Wedding Kit Contains 240 Presets for Lightroom:**

– 25 Bright & Airy Outdoor Wedding Presets
– 25 Bright & Airy Indoor Wedding Presets
– 60 Portrait Presets
– 20 Matte Presets
– 25 Black & White Presets
– 25 Pastel Presets
– 25 Bright & Airy All Occasion Presets
– 35 Lightroom Customizers

*Suggested Use:*
– Use the Bright & Airy Presets to create a very moody look in your outdoor portraiture for weddings
– Use the Portrait Presets for close up portraiture to smooth skin and enhance features
– Use the Matte & Black & White to help images that were taken in harsh lighting indoor/outdoor or to create creative edits
– Use the designated Indoor/Outdoor Presets as your main editing presets.

This will create a consistent workflow with consistent toning for your wedding images.


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