Mady Rogers Lightroom Presets

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MR Preset pack includes 4 of my favorite presets. 2 color and 2 black and white. This pack is perfect for portraits, weddings, and even landscape photos. They add a very light and golden feel to any photo! They can be tweaked to work with any lighting situation. These presets are meant to be used in lightroom on a computer and on .RAW files.


Mady Rogers Lightroom Presets

You will have to tweak the preset to your preference.

When using these presets I usually

+ Adjust exposure

+ Adjust white balance

+ Adjust blacks and shadows

Installation: Once purchased, you will receive an email that contains a download link. That link will expire in 24 hours so make sure to download the preset pack within that time. Once downloaded, find the .zip folder titled MR PRESETS. (This should be in your Downloads). Double click the .zip folder and a new folder (MR PRESETS) will appear. Open that folder (which contains the four presets (.lrtemplate). Double click on each preset individually and click “Install”. Then open up Lightroom and the presets will be there under your Develop Tab along with any other presets you have previously installed. If you do not see the presets, close out of Lightroom and restart.


This is my go to preset. I use it on almost every photo I edit. It has warm tones as well as contrasted shadows. This preset is my favorite to use on portraits and weddings. It has natural skin tones that make your subjects glow! It works best on back lit and shaded photos.



Faded has dark shadows but bright highlights that help illuminate your subject. The blacks and shadows are faded to give a soft feel to your photos. I love using this preset on portraits as well as landscape photos! This preset works best on shaded lighting.




This preset has deep faded shadows and blacks. The brighter highlights add a nice contrast and makes the photo feel dark and moody. I love using this preset on portraits. Best to use on shadowed photos.



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