Meridian Presets – Pablo Beglez + Rafal Bojar Lightroom Presets

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I’ve created six color presets, two black and white presets, and a folder with some tools you can use to tweak the presets a bit. My colors are subtle, neutral, and natural colors that will stand the test of time. They’re not trendy, they won’t go out of style by next season. I wanted colors that are timeless, that in a few years when you look back at the photos edited with these presets you don’t cringe at how outdated they look. These presets are warm with amber, brown and gold being the underlying tones. This pack works very well on any type of camera file, in different lighting situations – from soft light to direct, as well as interior shots. I recommend adjusting white balance in camera and nailing the exposure so the presets can be one-click. In the tool folder there are two different contrast adjustments, tone adjustments for reds, for greens, and one for blues, adjustments to increase or decrease saturation, a high and low contrast option and two for adding grain.

 I’ve created these presets over the years while gaining experience and experimenting with storytelling all around the world. The concept behind the Hero Presets is based on my fascination for stories, my private analysis, and observation of people and their characters. Each preset is a somewhat separate character distinguished by their personality traits. Some are quite shy so they don’t affect the color theme of photos. Others have very sharp characters. There are some who have a cordial disposition so they introduce a significant change, especially in yellow and green shades – they render the photos warmer. But there are also some free from green shades, as if they were washed out, and they introduce a subtle shade of magenta. Their delicate pastel pink blushing indicates they are rather bashful. The Hero set from Rafal Bojar includes a total of 22 presets with 4 main color and 3 main bw presets in 15 different variations .


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