Michelle McKay – The Beautiful Ordinary Presets for Memory Catchers

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The Beautiful Ordinary Presets for Memory Catchers – Desktop AND Mobile

I’m so excited to be making The Beautiful Ordinary Presets for Memory Catchers available to my fellow photographers.


What’s included in The Beautiful Ordinary Presets for Memory Catchers Collection?

SEVEN stunning and versatile presets for you – the photographic artist.

The Beautiful Ordinary My most versatile preset. I use this for naturally lit indoor work, as well as any shooting where full sun is not a factor.

BLUSH This preset was created to add a kiss of blush, resulting in soft skin tones and a vibrant, happy tones.

LOW LIGHT BLUSH This is Blush’s little sister. She is perfect for INDOOR shooting, and will help create an easy warmth, while eliminating the common struggle with skin tones caused by shooting in low light.

SUNNY This guy will get you vibrant colour and happy tones for imagery made in full sun lighting conditions.

ROSIE This sweet inclusion will provide soft blushed hues to your photographs.

BIRTH Created originally for birthing imagery, this little babe will assist you where stark or artificial light sources were used.

B&W A versatile monochrome inclusion, boasting honest blacks and stark whites.

These presets are compatible with Lightroom and ACR. If you’re using Lr before the cloud, open the folder labeled ‘old Lightroom’ when you unzip the collection. x

A mobile friendly version of the presets is also included in this purchase – just a little way to say I love you! You’ll find the instructions bundled in with the rest of your goodies! Desktop access is not required to access the mobile compatible presets, so if you’re currently a mobile only user, just follow the directions to get started right away! x


Fast Download With Cloud Drive Link
Password Unzip : Freepreset.net
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