NATE K-Chrome V1.5 Lightroom & ACR Presets

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NATE K-Chrome V1.5 Lightroom & ACR Presets
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If you’ve ever wanted to give your photos the classic, warm saturated tones of Kodachrome, this is the Lightroom preset pack for you. The K-chrome Pack will give your images a dramatic look with stunning warmth and incredible tones.

This pack is a great compliment to the presets in my free starter back. Most of the presets in the starter pack are minimalistic, desaturated and clean, which make them well-suited for fashion and city photography. The K-chrome pack gives you a completely different look that is bold and vivid, but still very organic feeling.

The K-chrome is perfect for bold landscape photography, environmental portraits, travel photography & more.

Not only do these presets help to capture that look, but they give you even more power in your editing workflow by using the powerful adjustments available inside Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw.

K1 – Provia

The K-CHROME 01 preset brings out a bold, clean look in photos, with deep shadows and a cool, green tint.

TIP: Drag the slider to the left to reveal more of the “after” image. Or drag the slider to the right to see more of the “before” photo

K2 – Expired Kodachrome

Much like the famed “Kodachrome” slide film, this preset brings out gorgeous, glowing warm tones, with beautiful lush greens, golden yellows and cool aqua blues.

K3 – Late Summer

A rich, bold look, with a strong tendency towards yellow and orange. Perfect for arid, summer landscapes, or rich fall foliage.

K4 – Expired EG-100

A vintage look with a rich magenta tint in the shadows and glowing yellow tint in the highlights – amazing for outdoor portraits.

K5 – Kodachrome Pro

Incredible depth and detail, with bold colors and slightly red undertones. Meticulously modeled after the masters of Kodachrome film.

K6 – Velvia 50

A saturated look with balanced contrast and accurate color renditions.


Handcrafted for Stunning Results

To make each effect as versatile as possible, I use the advanced Lightroom modules that create thebest results across a large variety of picture types. 

For example, on poorly designed film presets, you will see a lot of the adjustments taking place in the “basic” module. Relying too much on these basics adjustments creates presets that look unnatural and break easily.

These presets, though, are crafted to create beautiful & dynamics effects across all kinds of images. All of the changes you see are coming from precise adjustments inside Lightroom’s more advanced modules– like the Camera Calibration module, the Tone Curve module and the HSL module.


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