New York Pack – 20 Premium Presets

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New York Preset Pack includes 20 Premium Presets 30 min Photography Consultation Session with Alen through video chat. Once you’ve purchased this preset pack, you will be notified by email for the scheduling of your free consultation . This is a limited time offer, consultation will end on May 30, 2020.

New York Pack - 20 Premium Presets

Some FAQs

Q: Are there before and after examples?
A: Yes, click the following link: Preset Examples

Q: How many presets come in this package?
A: 20 Presets are included in this package.

Q: Are these mobile friendly?
A: Yes, click here to learn how to import presets to Lightroom mobile.

Q: How do I use these presets?
A: The presets are to be used on Adobe Lightroom Software. You have to install the presets in order to use them.

Q: Why do my photos not look like your photos after I apply them?
A: I create custom presets weekly, if the ones you purchased don’t look exactly like the photos I share don’t be alarmed. The presets that are up for sale are a combination of my favourite styles, you have to adjust the filter accordingly to make it suitable for the photo you are editing.

Q: How long before I get an email response?
A: Allow for a week at minimum. We are currently very busy processing orders.

Q: Do I need to shoot RAW photos in order to use these presets?
A: No, the presets will work on any of your JPEG images. It is recommended that you try and shoot in RAW as they contain the most data and information for editing.

Q: Which Lightroom version do these presets work on?
A: The presets will work on all Lightroom Classic CC.


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