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Love and Light Preset Pack

I have created these presets to encourage natural clean skin tones, deep rich colors, matted highlights, and unique and artistic tones. My goal in creating and editing my images has always been to enhance the story we work so hard to tell, and make sure it stands the test of time. I am so excited that I was finally able to create presets that do just that. The NK Presets speaks to creating a timeless piece of art while also making it versatile with the light you use, heightening the sense of the story, as well as making the editing process efficient and enjoyable.
$85.00 – Purchase – Love and Light Preset Pack

Soft Light

One of the most versatile of the presets, this preset creates a creamy dreamy feel. Deepening the tones, expanding the contrast, and muting the highlights, it can be used in any place you find full soft light situation. It can also soften harsh light situations. The first top and bottom images are both mid day sun situations.
$30.00 – Purchase- Individual Soft Light Preset


This preset is used to decrease warm tones that are usually hard to get rid of in indoor situations, even sometimes naturally lit ones with color cast. This preset still keeps the rich deep tones, it also enhances shadows, lighting just what needs to be seen, as well as keeping skin tones neutral. This preset is pretty versatile and can also be used in situations where there is a lot of orange being reflected around your subject while still keeping the integrity of the colors and tones.
$30.00 – Purchase NK Indoor Preset


Golden Hour

This preset is usually used for the warm evening or morning light. It enhances the warm colors and warm tones throughout the image by increasing the light and oranges as well as muting the highlights. The colors and tones are deepened and enriched to increase interest on the subject.
$30.00 – Purchase NK Golden Hour Preset


This black and white preset is created with a creamy contrasted look. Muted highlights and darkened tones move the eye to what is most important in the moment created. This preset enhances textures, moods, and movement.
$30.00 – Purchase NK B&W Preset

$85.00 – Purchase- Full Love and Light Preset Pack

* As with all new presets, its important to know that not all presets will work immediately with every camera sensor or shooting style. Give yourself time and practice to adjust any settings you like to mold the presets to your specific liking. These images are not one click edits. However, the biggest changes to the edit is only in the white balance and exposure. No major changes were made to get the images above to their desired finish.


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