Noah Wolfe Lightroom Presets

Light & Crisp Portrait Effects for Adobe Lightroom

These crisp portrait tones were created by lifestyle & portrait photographer Noah Wolfe, also known as @50pts on Instagram.

Start your portrait edits with these incredible filters from Noah Wolfe.

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  • Organic Colors
  • Earthy Tones
  • Warm, Bright Adjustments
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This product is compatible with Lightroom 4-6, Lightroom CC, and Lightroom Classic CC. Lightroom Presets are compatible with RAW and JPEG photos

  • Pink Skies | I made this while I was listening to Pink Skies by LANY, it gives the photo a bit of a retro pink tint.
  • Danno Fall | Fall is my favorite season and this is my favorite way to edit any photo to remind me of fall.
  • Bright Film | I love the look of film, but can’t always shoot film so I made this to give digital photos the same vibe as my favorite film.
  • LA Sun | One of my favorites to use when there’s a lot of sun in the shot, it warms it up and gives it a really warm feeling.
  • Becky in Chi | This is what I use for indoor shoots when there’s still sunlight, it gives it good tones without looking unnatural.
  • Black&White | One of my favorite black and white presets, it’s a really deep black and white mood and makes the photo feel dramatic.
  • Faded B&W | This is a not so dramatic black and white, but I love this faded-film black and white look.
  • Non B&W | This is one of my basic presets that I can use on almost anything from weddings to normal portraits.
  • Andrea Warm | This is one of my favorite presets for outdoor shots especially, it gives it a warm, creamy tone to it that’s perfect for outdoor shoots.


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