Olivier Wong Lightroom Presets

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City and Lifestyle Filters for Adobe Lightroom

These travel photo effects were created by Paris-based photographer, Olivier Wong. Olivier’s unique editing style will help you to create vivid scenes with vibrant colors and will bring your subject to life.

Begin creating magical lifestyle edits with these presets made by Olivier Wong.

  • 8 Lightroom Presets
  • Various Lighting Adjustments
  • Vibrant Colors
  • Clean Tones
  • City/Lifestyle/Travel
  • Free Help File & Support

This product is compatible with Lightroom 4-6, Lightroom CC, and Lightroom Classic CC. Lightroom Presets are compatible with RAW and JPEG photos.

Included in this bundle are eight unique presets created by Olivier Wong. Along with his presets, Olivier has also added in a bonusdetailed help file to make sure you create perfect edits with his presets. Continue reading below to find out more about his presets.

Golden Hour | Made for pictures with a soft golden light or/and an expressive sky, this preset will easily boost your picture by bringing the sky to life, recovering the details in the shadows and making your warm colors pop!

Chasing Light (Dark) | Dedicated to backlit pictures with a well-exposed sky and a darker foreground, this preset will enhance the presence and warm feels of the sky, adjust the shadows of your foreground with a faded look while still keeping a great contrast between the highlights and the shadows.

Chasing Light (Light) | Your sky is overexposed and washed out in a backlit picture? Don’t worry, the preset will take advantage of the warm light, increase the contrast and enhance the details in the shadows to put the focus on your subject and foreground.

Pink Hour | You happened to capture a sky with a hint of pink hue and fortunately some cotton candy clouds? This preset will bring out that pink/purple hue to make your dusk and dawn pictures dreamy as ever.

Blue Hour | While the sun is below the horizon, the sky turns into deep blue and the city lights are on, the Blue Hour provides unique photography opportunities. This preset will add a clean deep blue style to your sky and give a glowing vivid look to your cityscape.

Spring | Do justice to the wonderful springtime when the cherry trees are covered in pink blossom and the spring flowers are in full bloom by applying this preset! Especially made for the infamous pink cherry blossom, the preset will add vibrance and bright colors to these magnificent trees.

Autumn | Because autumn is surely a photogenic season, make the most of it by using this preset which will add rich and warm tones to make your pictures match with this season’s golden look.

Puddlegram | Especially designed for puddlegrams, this preset will balance the global exposure of your pictures by brightening the shadows of the reflected part up and adding a touch of clarity and contrast to the whole picture.


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