Peyton Byford – High Desert Collection

There’s something for everyone! I am personally drawn to very specific colors and tones but I LOVE to use them in a variety of different ways that allows my editing to remain cohesive yet be unique and versatile at the same time. So I created 3 presets that emulate the 3 stylistic spins I lean toward depending on the shoot, the location, the vibe of my couple, and the overall feel of the day. I truly feel like an artist (that’s you!) needs multiple templates of inspiration to work from that represent the ever evolving creative mind, yet still allow their work to be uniquely recognizable and consistent to them. I designed these 3 presets to be those creative templates that allow you to go anywhere you want!


Eliminate the guessing game of what to do next. These modifiers were designed based off of every lighting situation I find myself in and the tweaks I immediately make next.

Blacks +

Something I never fail to do on an image. A quick added boost for extra depth in your image.

Blacks ++

A quick added boost for extra extra depth in your image.

Contrast –

A quick fix reduction in contrast to immediately see where you want your image to head.

Contrast +

For those hazy situations. A quick added fix to create contrast between those shadows and highlights.

Reduce Green

Because let’s face it, we all know greens can be various shades, from beautiful even shades to bright neon. The preset is designed for the average green color. When faced with those neons, consider them reduced with one click.


Seems self explanatory, but it works in a way that is subtle and not overwhelming. Gives that little boost of color in those lighting situations that seem to make them hazy or dull them a bit too much.

Toning | Cool

Toning is where the majority of editing styles vary. These modifiers allow for the MOST versatility in your image. Cool them down by bringing out bright whites and cooler shadows while maintaining stunningly warm skin tones.

Toning | Warm

A personal favorite. Adding just a bit more warmth to those shadows & highlights that makes the whites a little creamer and the colors even more golden.

Toning | Warm +

Taking warmth one step further with the golden tones. Perfect for sunset shots that allow the warmth to really dominate the image.


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