PhaseOne – Capture One Pro Color Grading Styles Packs

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Michael Woloszynowicz, Marie Bärsch, and Pratik Naik are all celebrated photographers and retouchers with hundreds of thousands of dedicated followers, and years of published work to their names. Their approach is at once contemporary and timeless, and they have chosen to work specifically with Capture One to create 7 Styles each that reflect their individual aesthetic. 

The wide variation of Styles provides countless possibilities to create professional and distinguished editorial images, be it fashion, wedding, portraiture, and any other genre of your editorial work.

Editorial Color Grading Styles

 “My inspiration for these Styles came from my favorite locations; Dubai, New York, Los Angeles and Cape Town. I’m travelling a lot throughout the year, but I always try to come back to my favorite places. Every single one of these places have something unique to it. May it be a special color palette or simply how it makes me feel. I tried to put all of that in this Style Pack of looks and basically transport the mood that I’m in when I\’m shooting in Cape Town or under the Californian sun. When I am finishing my images the look and feel add as much to the image and my creative vision as for example the model\’s pose or the styling so, grading is a very important step for me to communicate what I have in mind when I\’m taking photographs. ”

Editorial by Marie Bärsch (7 Styles)

Editorial by Michael Woloszynowicz  (7 Styles)

Editorial by Pratik Naik (7 Styles)

Editorial Color Grading Styles Kit

PhaseOne - Capture One Pro Color Grading Styles Packs
PhaseOne - Capture One Pro Color Grading Styles Packs


PN-05 – Fashion Blues

“The goal in creating these styles was to focus around the colors and qualities that resonate with me across a variety of shooting scenarios. I’m typically drawn towards strong yet refined contrast as well as complementary colors, and so that’s what these styles really focus on and draw from. Rather than aim for extreme variances between them, I wanted to keep them all within the same family so each one feels like a natural progression as you explore them on your own images. One area I find that we all struggle with, is to achieve a pleasing and neutral skin tone, and for that I created two skin correcting actions. These actions are meant to take advantage of Capture One’s ability to apply styles to layers, so that their opacity can be backed off as needed in order to work for the widest range of skin tones possible. My hope is that they not only save you time but also serve as a source of inspiration for further manipulation and experimentation. ”

Editorial by Pratik Naik

“The mission for this pack is creating a set of colors that would be impossible to live without. With my history as a retoucher, there are common color palettes with high-end color grading that are hard to quantify in words, but easy to identify when you see it. This pack is special to me, it spans a range of looks that make for a beautiful starting point across all genres, especially fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. The variation spans the spectrum of primary and secondary colors along with two timeless black and white looks. This collection of styles will keep giving back every shoot you use them on. I can’t wait for you to explore how your images will look mixed with my palette across different conditions.

PhaseOne - Capture One Pro Color Grading Styles Packs
PhaseOne - Capture One Pro Color Grading Styles Packs

MW-01a – Skin Corrector Green Yellow
MW-01b – Skin Corrector Magenta Red
MW-02 – Cool Summer
MW-03 – Retro Summer
MW-04 – Studio Chill
MW-05 – Studio Warmth
MW-06 – Warm Cool
MW-07 – B&W Portrait

Includes the following Styles

PhaseOne - Capture One Pro Color Grading Styles Packs

7 Styles in total:

MB-01 – The Explorer
MB-02 – Oriental Blues
MB-03 – Breeze
MB-04 – Heatwave
MB-05 – Sunkissed
MB-06 – Highline
MB-07 – Soak up the sun

7 Styles in total:

PN-01 – Green Pastel
PN-02 – Moroccan Sun
PN-03 – Vintage Royal
PN-04 – Regal Blue
PN-05 – Fashion Blues
PN-06 – Classic B&W
PN-07 – Hollywood B&W

PhaseOne - Capture One Pro Color Grading Styles Packs



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