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They’re finally here! 32 Video Editing LUTs focused on skin tones, simplicity and timelessness. After making photo presets for Lightroom and Photoshop, I wanted to create a way to easily grade video with the same focus on skin tones, tweak-ability and simplicity.

WHO ARE THESE FOR: These LUTs are for anyone looking for awesome skin tones but work best on properly exposed footage shot in clean natural light. They’ve been tested on some of the industry standards best cameras. The footage in the video above was shot on Red Epic, Arri Alexa, Sony A7rii, Canon C300, Canon 5D Mark IV cameras.
HOW DO THEY WORK: They work on any software that can read .cube files. For Premiere users they’ll simply load these using the Lumertri Tab. I edit in Final Cut Pro X and use the LUT Utility Plugin. The plugin is awesome because it allows you to adjust the opacity or “Mix” of each LUT. While some of the LUTs look great on their own, it’s fun to play around with applying a few of them. For example: On log footage, I’ll apply one of the Flat Fix Luts along with say PC1 at a lower “Mix” or opacity. Play around and find your own recipes!
WHAT PROFILES WORK BEST: Canon: Neutral Sony: Gamme Cine 4 // Color Mode: Cinema Panasonic: Natural

Phil Chester LUTsPhil Chester LUTs

LUTs Used: Flat Fix Contrast at 100% PC Highlight Warm at 70%

Phil Chester LUTsPhil Chester LUTs

LUTs Used: Flat Fix at 100% PC Dark and Heavy at 30%

Phil Chester LUTsPhil Chester LUTs


LUTS Used: Backlit at 93%

Phil Chester LUTsPhil Chester LUTs

LUTs Used: Flat Fix Mid Boost at 100% PC1 at 71%



•Flat Fix // A great starting point for grading flat footage

•Flat Fix + Mid Boost / /Same as before but with a boost in skin tone luminosity

•Flat Fix + Contrast // Same as the original with a boost in contrast


•PC BW // Go to starting point for all things black and white

•PC BW + Mid Boost // Same as original with a luminosity boost in the skin tones

•PC BW + Contrast // Same as original with a boost in contrast


•PC1 // My go to, clean and warm, golden skin tones.

•PC1 Warm Contrast// Original (PC1)+ Darker Shadows

•PC1 Shadow Boost // Original (PC1) + Shadow Boost

•PC1 Magenta // More generalized, lighter on the LUT, not as warm of skin

•PC1 Magenta Contrast // Original (PC1) + contrast

•PC1 Cool// Original (PC1) but with cool skin tones

•PC1 Cool Contrast // Same as pc-1 cool 1 but with added contrast

•Bright Day Tame – Very Bright Sunlight, Warm Skin Tones

•Bright Day Muted – Very Bright Sunlght, Muted Colors

•Bright Day – Contrast – Very Bright Days, Heavy Contrast

•Backlit – Contrast// Warm Days Backlit Deep Shadows – Warm Skin tone

•Backlit 2 // Backlit + Adds contrast and Lifts Skin tones, warming

•Backlit Less Contrast // Same as above, less contrast

•Highlight Save // For bright contrasty areas, this crushes the highlights and makes them creamy

•Highlight Save – Split tone – Same but with warmer shadows and even warmer skin tones

•PC Highlight Warm 1- Same but with warmer skin tones

•Forest 2 // Heavy Contrast, Enhanced Greens

•Forest // Enhanced Greens, Less Contrast

•Flat // General Enhancing, very minimal toning, slight detach, muted look

•PC2 Color Boost  // Cool Shadows, Even Skin tone

•PC2 – Contrast  // + Saturation

•PC Creamy // Creamy Golden Warm Tones

•PC Dark and Heavy // Heavy Contrast, Dark, Moody, Warm


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