Postage Stamp Mockup UKNP8WV

Free Download Postage Stamp Mockup UKNP8WV. This Postage Stamp Mockup UKNP8WV is a premium resource shared for free at Freepreset . Postage Stamp Mockup UKNP8WV does not require a premium account to download .Postage Stamp Mockup UKNP8WV is compressed in zip or rar format , please use Winrar software to extract and use Postage Stamp Mockup UKNP8WV

One of the important needs in conveying information is mockup design. Mockup are the spearhead of design presentations. Mockup are not only called visual media design concept, can also be referred to as a real picture of a product design, or a preview of an idea that looks like its original form.

A mockup is a visual media or preview of a “flat” design concept that is given a visual effect so that the results are very tempo or resemble a real form, a mockup can provide a real picture of a design concept how the concept will be when applied to or into a real object, whether it looks good or not suitable.

A mockup is an editable template that you can use to display a replica/model of your final product: in the graphic design field, it is used to offer your clients a very detailed preview of what they ordered in this case. Therefore we provide tools to make it easier for you to make the Postage Stamp Mockup.

**Here’s what’s included :**

* 4 Adobe Photoshop Files (PSD)
* Easy to edit with Smart Object
* High resolution 4000x2666px / 300 dpi
* Organized layers
* Pdf help file include

**How to Use :**
* Open PSD File on Adobe Photoshop Application
* Double click smart layer, then the smart layer tab will open
* Paste your design on the smart layer
* Save and close smart layer tab’s
* Now you get the preview of your design on the mockup

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orientation: Landscape
graphicTemplatesFileTypes: PSD
graphicTemplatesApplicationsSupported: Adobe Photoshop
dimensions: 4000,px,2666
colorSpace: RGB
resolution: 300,13.3,8.8
Additions: isLayered,


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The file is compressed using Zip or Rar format...please use Winrar to extract this file
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