Prezzl – Solhaugen Lightroom Presets

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This tropical photo filter pack is the first collection of Lightroom Presets created by filmmaker and photographer Martin Solhaugen. Ad a hint of tropical flavor to your IG feed today and start crushing your Instagram game.


Prezzl - Solhaugen Lightroom Presets


Prezzl - Solhaugen Lightroom Presets

Prezzl - Solhaugen Lightroom Presets


Prezzl - Solhaugen Lightroom Presets

Martin has created these filters on the go from places such as Oahu Hawaii and, Colombo Sri Lanka. The filters are a perfect mix between landscapes, portraits and difficult light conditions. His filters will help you enhance your photos as well as justifying what you are seeing in front of you. Martin love enhancement in the dark areas of a photo which is why he recommends you to always shoot on the dark side of the spectrum keeping your sky in perfect exposure. That way you will get the most out of this epic Lightroom presets!

Start editing these awesome presets from @solhaugen

  • 10 lightroom Presets
  • Tropical vibes
  • Warm & cool filters
  • Travel/portrait

Preset Info:

Afterburn: This preset is inspired by the amazing light which is formed right after sunset. If done correctly you can achieve the sunset look without the dominant orange.

Beachdayz: The perfect preset to make justify the perfect holiday beach day! Enhances every color and gives you a warm feeling.

Beachdayz II: Sometimes you need a preset which is just completely different from anything else. Introducing beachdayz II. This preset has a cold blue with strong clarity which enhances your body parts. Make your pictures stand out with this unique filter.

Go’ morgen: This preset is made for the go getters who gets up 5 a.m. in the morning to shoot sunrises. Remember to adjust your exposure according to the sky and let the preset handle the dark areas. Trust me, you will get surprised.

Hawaii: We all want the perfect vacation. Hawaii is inspired by perfect beach days, girls and palm trees. Let your followers experience a warm summer day with the use of Hawaii.

Hawaii II: The ridges of Hawaii are world famous. However, the green can sometimes become too much and with a constant changing weather on the Islands, Martin was in need for a preset which he could trust would make his ridge photos stick out. Hawaii II became the perfect preset where the ridges and weather play in harmony to make your subjects stand out.

Hawaii III: Hawaii III is inspired by the deep darks which can be found on every island road of Oahu. Due to a dense jungle sunlight can be hard to find in certain locations. With Hawaii III you can always make sure your images are rich with light.

I am candy: This filter is made to enhance the faces of the subjects. Stand out, be candy.

I am Candy II: Make your street style shots shine with a bold enhancement of light. Stand out, be candy.

Jungle Jungle: Inspired by the jungles of Hawaii, Jungle jungle will make your jungle shots stand out adding depth and darker luminance to your greens.


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