Psychedelic Texture Kit 6243514

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I keep seeing this gritty, fluid texture trend around – and absolutely love it. This is why I put together this super easy to use texture kit. Put in any photo to turn it into a retro, grainy texture that is perfect for use in just about anything – packaging, web design, moody social media quotes – endless options!

Psychedelic Texture Kit 6243514

Psychedelic Texture Kit 6243514Psychedelic Texture Kit 6243514Psychedelic Texture Kit 6243514Psychedelic Texture Kit 6243514

I’ve included a mix of retro colorways: from dark to acidy brights. Every action brings a different result, so make sure to experiment and have fun with it (if you are a bit more advanced, tweak the gradients as well to get different color options!)

Tip: I particularly love using natural textures with this – think marble, leaves, clouds etc. The kit produces amazing trippy textures with that!

In this set you will find:

  • Photoshop Action file with 12 actions
  • A PSD kit to produce the textures (resizable up and down!)
  • Instructions file PDF

Retro with a twist

I am in love with retro patterns but I am first and foremost client centred – this is why I make sure all my patterns are vintage inspired; but with a modern twist. This ensures your product stands out, because they look retro, but are still trendy and contemporary. Download now for your posters, nostalgic packaging, retro inspired stationery and the like!


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