RAWexchange – Heavy Industrial Smoke

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small smoke swirls are good, but you know whats better? BIG HEAVY INDUSTRIAL smoke. The kind of smoke you would find in a plant or factory, the kind of smoke that is so thick that it looks like a marshmallow cloud. Such a smoke package would be awesome for industrial plants, ground fog and exhaust systems.

RAWexchange - Heavy Industrial Smoke

RAWexchange - Heavy Industrial Smoke

RAWexchange - Heavy Industrial Smoke

RAWexchange - Heavy Industrial Smoke

Photographed against a black background, it can be easily composed by using “screen” blending mode.

We have created quite a bit of different textures that you can use for various composites. Did we have to pour litters over litters of fog-magic-fluid into our fog machine? Yes we did. So much fog-liquid went into the fog machine, that we had to call the fire department and let them know that our studio is not on fire. We also had to call the Bureau of Magical Affairs and let them know that we do not plan on making the city disappear.

anyways, back to the textures, we used wind machines, vacuum cleaners, industrial blowers, computer fans and other secret devices to make this smoke package as versatile as possible, and you will find textures suitable for ground fog, industrial vents, exhausts and so on.


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