RC Lightroom Desktop Preset Pack

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Have you been looking to add new life to your photos?

Do you take great shots but struggle to find the perfect settings to take your photos to the next level?

These RC Presets are professionally crafted to give your photography the boost of life your photos have been looking for.

Warm, beautiful and timeless tones inspired by the presets I myself use, I’m now

sharing these presets with you so can get the same beautiful results without spending hours on Lightroom!


Introducing the RC Presets – 1st Edition

Original Glazed – the main base preset I use for the majority of all my photography. A versatile base of tones, soft glowy skin tones, rich contrasts and muted greens.

Lusty Glazed – the warmer, muted version of the Original Glazed if you’re looking for a more muted, cosier look

Breathe Easy (Light and Airy) – The fine art base preset- for blue, natural light. Use when there is tons of light

Sundaze – The evening sunset preset, boost temperature for a more golden hour glow

Stay Golden – The golden hour preset for romantic sunsets, golden hour photography, for that ever-dreamy, sun soaked look

Remember the RC presets aren’t a quick, one click fix for all photography; correct exposure and settings must be applied.

System requirements- please read

  • RC Presets for Adobe Lightroom require Lightroom Classic CC or Lightroom CC to work properly.
  • Presets must be used with RAW format files NOT JPEG files.
  • Preset files are .xmp files and once purchased will be sent via e-mail for download on a computer (not mobile)
  • Download limit is set to one time download


Fast Download With Cloud Drive Link
Password Unzip : Freepreset.net
If you found the link was error , please comment !!!

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