Seim – Fimist Bundle for Capture One, Lightroom + LUTs

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Add the look of film! Choosing your film to get the color and tone and you wanted used to be the norm. Now, inspired by films past. Master Photographer Gavin Seim has created a preset collection that brings us back to emulations of the greatest films and beyond for stunning film looks on any image or video.

The film look made easy! 
Works in… LR6 | LR Web/Mobile! | PS Camera RAW | Capture 1 | Video Editors & more

  • Over 50 epic Filmic presets.
  • Works on all images, RAW, Mobile and Video
  • Accurate classic films and fresh concept films.
  • Apply looks in 1 click or mix with mod presets.

Each of the emulsion families comes in three unique variants with different blends, ISO and tonal properties; much like the the film days. Classic emulsions emulate films that we know and love, while emulsions expand on we learned from film to create brand new digital film stocks. Here\’s what you get in Filmist:

See the detailed list of Filmist looks


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