Shortstache – The Basesets

Basesets comes loaded with two hours of impactful workshop videos plus two powerful Shortstache presets (Clean and Matte), modifiers and custom tools. Everything is here to deliver the groundwork for building your own potential aesthetic. This is the base for your workflow. The foundation for your creativity.

The Basesets Workshop is key to all of the above and breaks each element down to its core. Painstakingly planned out, this workshop is built for the beginner and expert alike with detailed explanations and advice.


DVLOP - Shortstache - The Basesets
BASESETS CLEANThe Clean Baseset offers a cinematic mood that deepens the undertone of the photo while shifting the colors to a more stylistic one. The black and whites are a bit more punched and sharp delivering a cleaner feel to the image. Clean is beautiful and offers flexibility to adjust and freestyle how you want this Baseset to work for you in the future.
DVLOP - Shortstache - The Basesets
BASESETS MATTEThe Matte Baseset offers a more flattened and deepened cinematic mood that also alters the undertones of the image by flattening it out. It too has a stylistic approach to the colors and mood. Similar to the Clean Baseset, this one proves to be a bit softer in the overall look rather than the hard clean aesthetic.
DVLOP - Shortstache - The Basesets
BASESETS MODIFIERSBaseset Modifiers were carefully built to provide shortcuts to get the desired look you\’re going for. Whether it\’s quickly altering the overall temperature of the image, to slightly shifting hues within the shadows / highlights, these modifiers allow you to “modify” the Basesets within themselves and save time in your editing.
DVLOP - Shortstache - The Basesets
BASESETS TOOLSBasesets Tools were built to save time and add that something extra to your images. Whether it\’s adding that custom shortstache grain or leveling out your image, these are clutch. You can quickly turn them on and off with ease. Very useful!
DVLOP - Shortstache - The Basesets
BASESETS TUTORIALIt\’s essential to understand the tools, sliders, graphs, etc. of Lightroom to then understand exactly what “presets” even are. With the visual walkthrough and steps to using these presets, each creative will have a better understanding of what they already know or is new to them completely. This is right step in the direction in building out your cinematic approach to further your work.


• Adobe® Lightroom® 4 or later
• Adobe® Camera Raw CS6 or later
• Adobe® Lightroom® CC Desktop 1.4 or later and Mobile

Note: Magic Eraser is only available on Lightroom® 7.3 or later


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  1. OMG! Thank you so much! I’ve been dreaming of this presets, I’m from brazil, and the dollar it’s just to expensive for me to buy!

  2. Denis

    The new preset pack, can you get that please! “Past and present” shortstache

    Also does this one not have mobile?

  3. The link redirects me to a new web page that asks me to fill out a form in order to start the download, but I cannot enter the information in the lines in question.

  4. The download link doesn’t seem to work. Any updates coming up to fix this? Is there another link available?

  5. The download link isn’t been shown, it just keeps on redirecting to the same page!

    This will be a dream come true if you would manage to get this done.

    Thankyou so much.

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