Simplify Lightroom Presets

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Simplify Lightroom Presets. This presets gives you simple flat look for your photos. this presets gives white to look more clean, slightly increase the blackness, and desaturate the colors. This presets is perfect for a person who liked to share their cool products

Simplify Lightroom PresetsSimplify Lightroom Presets

Simplify Lightroom Presets
Simplify Lightroom PresetsSimplify Lightroom Presets


  • 15 Lightroom for Desktop Presets/ .xmp and .lrtemplate files (Compatible for Windows and Mac)
  • 15 Lightroom for Mobile Presets / .dng files (Compatible for Android and Ios)
  • pdf files to help you how to install the presets on the lightroom for mobile and desktop


Fast Download With Cloud Drive Link
Password Unzip :
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