Sky Replacer Photoshop Actions FH9HP3

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Replace skies in Photoshop with these Photoshop actions!

Simply play the action, paint over the sky, tweak the brightness and saturation, and you’re done! The automasking feature make it incredibly easy and fast to replace skies.

Sky Replacer Photoshop Actions FH9HP3

Sky Replacer Photoshop Actions FH9HP3

Sky Replacer Photoshop Actions FH9HP3
Sky Replacer Photoshop Actions FH9HP3

Sky Replacer Photoshop Actions FH9HP3

Photoshop Actions

  • Replace Gray/Overcast Skies
  • Replace Clear Skies
  • Replace Deep Blue Skies

✔ Incredibly Easy Masking

No more slow masking and selections! The automasking makes it incredibly easy to paint in your new sky. Automasking detects your sky by estimating the combination of color and luminosity. It works best on photos where there is a distinct difference between the sky and other objects.

✔ Fix Gray, Overexposed and Overcast Skies

It’s not always bright and sunny outside but with these actions, you can turn those pale gray tones into beautiful blue skies.

✔ Works on Blue Skies Too!

Blue skies are even nicer with clouds. A dedicated action for blue skies lets you replace plain blue skies with another sky of your choice.

✔ Fully Editable Layers

Need access to all the layers? Your wish is granted! Everything is made with nondestructive techniques and your layers won’t be merged.

✔ 22 Sky Textures

Get started quickly! This product provides a bundle of high-res sky textures. At 36 megapixels, the textures have plenty of resolution to work with.

✔ Supports 16-bit RGB photos

There’s no need to convert your image into 8-bit mode. All effects are compatible with 16-bit RGB photos.

✔ Intelligent Error Detection (Photoshop CC Only)

No more headaches! In Photoshop CC, these actions are so advanced that they can even detect and fix common document issues.

✔ Works with All Languages

Many Photoshop actions will only run if Photoshop is set to English. These actions, however, work with ALL languages. You can use the actions without changing the language setting.

Compatible With

  • Photoshop CS3-CS6
  • Photoshop CC
  • Mac and Windows





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