Smith-Victor Reveals Gigantic 4-Foot-Wide, 150 Watt LED Ring Light

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If you’ve wanted to photograph more than one person with the popular ring light look, you’re going to want to take a gander at Smith-Victor’s Saturn Pro, a 48-inch bi-color LED ring light that outputs a whopping 1200 watt incandescent equivalent.

Due to its size, the Saturn Pro requires two light stands for support. According to the product description, the size is so impressive that you can “literally walk through the center of it to the other side.”

Smith-Victor cites a 120-degree beam spread and an impressive CRI of 95 through a total of 1,404 individual LEDs. The light is also dimmable with one hundred degrees of granularity, and while you can make these changes locally on the fixture or its wired remote, you can also make them at a distance remotely from a console via onboard DMX.

The Saturn Pro has an adjustable color temperature of 3000 to 5500 Kelvin. It can also tilt a full 360 degrees, making it easy to adjust and allows it to even be mounted overhead.

It’s impressively large but because of that size, it would normally be very challenging to move. Smartly, Smith-Victor built the Saturn Pro to break down into four segments that pack neatly into a foam soft carry case along with the mounting hardware and dimming switchboard.

The Saturn Pro is listed for $480 and comes with the ring, two stands, four diffusers, wired remote control module, AC switching power supply, and the fitted soft-sided carry case. It is available from and select retailers.

(via Lighting Rumors)

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