SoVintage Photoshop Action TATUDD

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SoVintage Photoshop Action
This action is designed for vintage lovers. It is an easy to use Photoshop action that give your photo 80 vintage styles in just 1 click! Moreover, you can add a variety of light leaks and slightly dirty textures in an easy way by clicking a play button. You can always customize the look after applying the action to make your photo as unique as your personality. Just click and your photo will be so vintage in a moment!

SoVintage Photoshop Action TATUDDSoVintage Photoshop Action TATUDD

SoVintage Photoshop Action TATUDD
SoVintage Photoshop Action TATUDDSoVintage Photoshop Action TATUDDSoVintage Photoshop Action TATUDD

Why SoVintage
Easy to use. Just 1 click to render all vintage styles
80 vintage styles. Ranging from classic vintage to modern retro look
15 light leaks. Give your photo a beautiful look
5 hires textures (.png) can be easily added by clicking a play button only. All textures are provided in 5000 x 3400px (300dpi)
5 sharpness levels to reach more details in your photo
Noise and vignette layers are automatically created and ready to use
Easy to combine. Just select 2 or more effect layers you wish to use
Flexible. You can always easily tweak the look after applying the action
Well organized layer. All effects are created in a well-organized structure, named and have unique colors. This will make you ease to work with
Multi language. Compatible to work on all Photoshop languages
Non-Destructive. All effects are created without damaging your original photo
Simplify your work. You don’t need spending days or even weeks to create these painting effects manually
Save your time. All effects will be done generated in just a few minutes
Have more time to work with on more and more photos

Manual Included
Video tutorials (HD)
Instructions (pdf)
Troubleshooting (pdf)

SoPainted has been tested and successfully applied on lots of different photos without any errors on Photoshop CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6 and the latest CC (tested on English and French versions).

Photoshop CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6, the latest CC
RGB color mode
8 bit/channel

All Photoshop language


Fast Download With Cloud Drive Link
Password Unzip :
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