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These photoshop actions will allow you to edit images in your designs just like professional sports designers. These were created with different sports and different colors in mind. Each step is reversible and fully functioning with “Smart Objects” so additional Camera Raw tweaks can be made after the action is played. These are best used if You use these actions as a first step when you open an image in order for the layers to be grouped together.

The main actions add deep detail and tweak the colors to create a unique skin tone color. There are then several different actions that adjust the color tempurature as well as add further color changes.

For instance, if you have a subject with a lot of yellow detail, use the BJD Yellow Fix action. If you have a lot of cyan or blue, use the BJD Blue Fix. Otherwise play around with the actions to see which fits your subject best.

These are best used on High Resolution images. Results may vary depending on quality of image.

Compatible with Photoshop CS6 and later.


  • 18 Actions
  • HowtoInstall.rtf


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