Suzy Shattuck Signature Preset Pack

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These Suzy Shattuck Signature presets are for Adobe Lightroom on a computer and work best with Raw photos. These are the presets that I have used over the past year on my Instagram feed and have been tested on a large variety of photos. I can’t wait to see all of the fun creations from all of you guys! #suzyshattuckpresets when using them on a photo to be featured on my Instagram account!

I have created a video (click here) to help you see how Steven and I apply and tweak the preset depending on the different photos we are editing. There will be no refunds, as the files cannot be returned. Feel free to reach out with any questions, thanks so much for stopping by!

**The sharing of these files after purchase will be met with legal action. These are not for distribution and I will be notified if it happens. Thanks for your understanding!

Suzy 1- Toasty, retro vibes. This is the preset that I use most often on my feed! It takes dull photos to a warm and whimsical with one click! This paired with my dust overlay is my absolute favorite!




Suzy 2- Similar tones to Suzy 1, with a little more contrast and depth. This helps deeper colors pop, and is great for indoor and outdoor photos. The light and airy Suzy 1, alternated with the rich tones of Suzy 2 make for a perfect duo to revamp your Instagram feed!


Steven 1- This preset is Steven’s go to for his urban shots with more natural tones. This preset creates depth and drama and is great for deeper colors.


Speckles+Dust Overlay- This is what I use to create the texture on my photos. I love the vintage feel without compromising the quality of the photo. Upload this into Photoshop and drag over photo to apply. (can also be used in Photoshop app!)

 *** Speckles and Dust Overlay is a fun ad-on and only available for the first 72 hours after the launch and will then cost additional. (available until Monday June 4th 10 PM PST)


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