The best free lightroom presets for download- Easy and safe

If you are searching for a set of free Lightroom presets that you can use on your images or videos, you have come to the right place. It can be tough to find the best Lightroom preset because there are so many low-quality options out there. 

Whether you are using Lightroom to edit your photos on your computer screen, tablet screen, or your mobile phone, you can use these Lightroom presets to speed up your editing process. Adobe Lightroom Presets are used to edit your images. 

They are adjustments that are made to an image and then saved for later use. Some photographers, or software manufacturers, create these presets and share them with the world. 

Below I’ve put together a huge list of the best free Lightroom presets you can download right now. With a bit of practice, you can make amazing photos that stand out from the 

The best free lightroom presets for download- Easy and safe

What Is A Lightroom Preset: 

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to edit your photos, Lightroom presets are the way to go. You don’t have to waste your time fiddling with all the different options in Lightroom – you can just pick the one that works best for you. 

Plus, you can try out different looks for your photos without having to guess which settings will get you the best results. The great thing about free presets is that you can customize them too. 

So, if you like one effect but don’t like it making your image too dark, you can just hit the Exposure slider to make it even better.

Top 10 Best Free Lightroom Presets For Portraits

Portrait photography is all about capturing the unique look, personality, and character of a person or group. You can use it for personal and professional photos, like headshots and family portraits, as well as for advertising. It’s all about creating an image that will stay with you forever. 

But sometimes it takes a bit of a push to show off its true colors – and by push, I mean editing. We’ve got all the tech in the world, but sometimes our cameras just don’t capture the magic of the moment. Check out our Lightroom presets to help you create the perfect portrait every time!

  • Portrait Preset

This Portrait Preset is a great way to make your images look brighter and more detailed. It’s not always the best idea to add so much detail to your skin’s structure, but there are times when it works great and makes your images look more dramatic and distinctive. Lightroom preset free download zip at Photonify.

  • Saturation Portrait Preset

This the best free presets for lightroom for those who prefer cool shades in their photographs. The blue tones in the image will be highlighted, creating a more tranquil atmosphere. However, the experts do not recommend using this preset for indoor images as it is primarily intended for outdoor portraits.

  • Free Lightroom Mobile Presets

Imaginated, formerly known as Preset Galore, provides complimentary Lightroom presets for mobile devices. These presets are ideal for mobile image editing, saving time and allowing for immediate posting on social media platforms. It’s a great free lightroom preset mobile.

  • Matte Portrait Preset:

This preset is one of the most effective free portrait presets for enhancing outdoor colored portraits. It enhances the intensity, vibrancy, and saturation of the colors, resulting in a more captivating image. All travel portraits with scenery backgrounds will benefit from editing with this preset.

  • Monochrome

Photonify offers a black and white conversion preset for free. This preset is aesthetically pleasing and does not significantly alter the overall image. Highlights and whites are shifted downwards, while clarity, shadows and blacks are shifted upwards. Your photographs will be enhanced with this vintage preset, saving you time and effort.

  • Contrast Noir Free Lightroom Preset:

Contrast is a free preset that goes against the idea that black & white portraits are boring and monotonous. Contrast is a great way to add a bit of style to your portraits by making them stand out from the background.

  • Shadowze

Lightroom Look created and shared this black and white Lightroom preset. This is one of the best black and white presets to convert color images. This preset flattens out the color images but maintains a good contrast between the dark shadows and the light shadows. The result is a subtle pop.

  • Cinematic Portrait Preset:

Filters with a retro feel will always look great on portraits. This preset gives portraits a movie-like feel and is popular with many models and customers. If you’re taking a picture in dreary weather near an old landmark or building, this preset will be perfect.

  • High Contrast B&W

This preset is among our favorites. It provides high contrast for portrait, street, and landscape images. All of them can benefit from this black and white conversion. Contrast is what makes them stand out. It creates a mysterious atmosphere and eliminates small details that can be distracting.

  • Slumberland Free Lightroom Preset:

Slumberland preset is a light and airy preset for your portrait images in Lightroom. This is a great option if you have dark images that need to be enhanced and elevated to a new level. Try this preset for your summer portraits, album covers, and other projects where you need to add a bit of light and life to your photos. Click the link if you want more lightroom presets free download.

Benefits of Free Lightroom Presets: 

Lightroom presets are a powerful tool for expediting post-processing. By allowing users to edit multiple images at the same time with a single click, they can achieve a unified tone and atmosphere for their images. All that is required is to paste the preset settings onto all images. This is especially useful when there is a tight deadline to meet, as event photographers often use presets. Yes, you can go for an expert image editing service provider to get a professional look for your image but presets are also useful.

Everyone can benefit from the non-destructive nature of editing in Lightroom, as it allows users to return to the RAW image with the click of a button and remove any adjustments. Additionally, pre-made adjustments can be adjusted for a personal look, which not only expedites workflow, but also teaches users how to achieve different effects. 

Pre-installed presets are easy to install and use, and users can then import their images and begin working. Additionally, Lightroom presets are available for free. This article will help you to know more benefits of free Lightroom presets.


There are many ways that free Lightroom presets can make your photos look better. They can change the colors, the exposure, the noise, the sharpness, the special effects, fix lens issues, and even crop and rotate your photo. These powerful tools can save you a lot of time and make your photos look professional.

Get your Adobe Lightroom presets free now from the list given above and transform your photos with amazing new Looks. This is the perfect opportunity to try out some of the top free Lightroom CC presets and see how they perform with Lookfilter.

Whether you’re editing a brand new portrait photo or you’re looking to create a similar look across an editorial shoot, these free Lightroom presets can help you create powerful new photographs.

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