The Loveliness Collection – Desktop and Mobile

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The Loveliness Collection could be our most user friendly preset collection yet. Both gentle to shadows and forgiving to highlights, it’s possibly the kindest and sweetest of all the presets to date. Boasting creamy skin tones, The Loveliness Collection treats everyone with a soothing softness – from the palest of babes, to their beautifully dark and rich skinned friends.

The Loveliness Collection - Desktop and Mobile

Here are some edits using The Loveliness Collection.

For the below imagery, no additional tweaks were made. The process was: apply preset, adjust exposure and white balance where necessary.

Image credit: Trisha Raposo.

The Loveliness Collection contains 16 beautiful presets for Lightroom and ACR. This collection is suited to both indoor and outdoor shooting. Here’s a run down of what’s included:


There are 4 variations on the SOFT preset, which is designed to give a gentle kiss and flattering glow to your indoor shots. Each of the SOFT presets vary so as to help you mange differing lighting and skin tones.


There are 5 variations on the SOOTHE preset, which was originally made with those pesky highlights in mind. Originally inspired by all the pale skinned babies, the set of SOOTHE presets will help you manage shots which were overexposed, and where highlights were pushed a little far in camera.


There are 3 variations on the STRONG preset, intended to give a little extra kick to images made in flatter light, or for folk who love their blacks to pop with a certain depth and richness.


There are 3 variations on the SUNSHINE preset, made for all your outdoor work, or for anywhere bright light is present.

Black & White

This preset is a very close sister to the original BW from The Beautiful Ordinary preset collection – in fact they’re practically twins, with this gal being possibly just that little more evolved and refined compared to her sister. It’s a classic black and white with strong blacks, clean whites and a timeless feel.

These presets are compatible with Lightroom Version 7 and up (XMP files), as well as Adobe Camera Raw.


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