The Preset Bundle Desktop & Mobile


The Preset Bundle? What is this crazy deal? Everyone sells Presets these days, and it\’s pretty daunting trying to figure out who to trust and buy from. Not to mention it can get expensive fast! Well, we\’re here to help! We’ve carefully hand picked some of the leading creators in the industry to bring to you the ultimate Preset Bundle! Not only does this bundle contain Presets, but also E-Books such as the Influencer Bible, A Guide On Creating Professional Social Media Content, and Instagram Tips. We\’ve also got video tutorials on how to shoot portraits! This bundle is guaranteed to instantly bring your photos and social media knowledge to the next level! Each of our creators have come together and joined forces by contributing their favourite digital products so that you can try out a variety of different editing styles at a crazy discounted price!

The Preset Bundle Desktop & Mobile

The Preset Bundle Desktop & MobileThe Preset Bundle Desktop & MobileThe Preset Bundle Desktop & MobileThe Preset Bundle Desktop & MobileThe Preset Bundle Desktop & MobileThe Preset Bundle Desktop & MobileThe Preset Bundle Desktop & MobileThe Preset Bundle Desktop & Mobile



Fast Download With Cloud Drive Link
Password Unzip :
The file is compressed using Zip or Rar format...please use Winrar to extract this file
If you found the link was error , please comment !!!

63 thoughts on “The Preset Bundle Desktop & Mobile

  1. The google drive link download included in the pack doesn’t work. It says there is in error and the downloading is not possible. Do you have another link ? Thank you

  2. Is it real? ;o
    I cant believe that theres so many presets!!
    Thank you so much youre just the best!

  3. OMG! I kept dreaming about having them! <3 All the packs are there. You are awesome! Thank you!!!

  4. It does not allow to decompress the file!
    i have downloaded 2 times today on 12/03/2020

    plz do something or share new link

  5. definitely is not working. i press on the main link download and it wont let me open the file.
    can someone send me the correct link to dowload?

  6. Sorry i wasn’t able to download the zip from the link. Would you mind tell me and how do I get into the doc? Thanks

  7. Hi, I’m really struggling on downloading this. It’s rar file and I downloaded Winzip but there weren’t any presets inside the file just a ‘LinkDrive.txt’ file. What should I do? 🙁

      1. is a 244 byte file and doesnt decompress?

        Please can you help. You are a legend for this..

  8. Do you also have the newer version with some more presets and the guides? That would be awesome! And thank you so much for your work!!

  9. Hi Denis… I just wanted to thank you for all your work for us. I think sometimes no one thank ou enough so.. Thank you. Since I found this page I feel save from virus ans I trust you.

  10. Does anyone know where we can find the entire bundle? Some packs are missing. Thanks a LOT anyway Denis!!!

  11. Do you still have the old version (february/mars) ? The link redirect me the the preset bundle 2.0 but actually i’m looking for the first one. Thank you

  12. Hi, do you have the Shortstache presets? (i dont want the Basesets presets because i already have)

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